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Teaching English in Hamburg, Germany


Hamburg, Germany

Report submitted on 26 November, 2014 by CalGal.

Teaching English in Hamburg, Germany:

How can teachers find teaching jobs in Hamburg, Germany?
Word of mouth, social networks, Internet.

The main English teaching jobs available are:
Part time English language school positions, teaching at kindergartens / pre-schools, teaching at private international schools, teaching at companies, private teaching (not through a school, agency, etc.)

What are the minimum teaching requirements?
– native speaker (at the entry level schools)
– teaching credential for the better schools or businesses
– German Ausbildung for teaching children in a German school.

What teaching requirements would you recommend?
– teaching credential from your home country
– if you want to stay in Germany and work with school age children, enrol in the World Teacher Program (Hamburg only) OR go back to Uni and get the Ausbildung.
– if you want to work with adults teaching Business English, get a credential in your home country, then start wherever you can, then network your way up to a decent paying position.

What are the levels of payment?
Depends – 11 euros per hour at a starter business school, up to 30 euros per hour at a high-end school

How many teaching days a week is normal?
5 days per week.

How many face-to-face teaching hours a week is normal?
20 hours per week.

What is the normal arrangement for holidays?
Teaching hours are hard to say…depends on the school and on how you organize your time. Lots of flexibility with the different jobs.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Hamburg, Germany to teach English?
– learn German, be prepared to learn German
– learn how to teach

What are the positive aspects of teaching English in Hamburg, Germany?
– respectful clients
– eager to learn English
– you will need to be prepared and to really know your material

What are the negative aspects for teaching English in Hamburg, Germany?
Tax laws and net income–either work for 450 euros a month or less and pay no taxes, or go for full time work and get as much money as you can, and benefit from the good benefits.

What are some of the teaching challenges for English teachers teaching the local people in your area?
– stereotypes, cultural misunderstandings
– reserved culture, takes a long time to get connected
– students do not like to make mistakes and get embarrassed easily


Living in Hamburg, Germany:

Are there any visa or other legal requirements to live in Germany?
Yes, must register at the Foreign Office, prove competency in German.

What is the cost of living like in Germany?
Depends on your lifestyle.

Other than teaching, what positive aspects are there for living in Hamburg, Germany?
Hamburg is awesome! If you can handle horrible weather, then take advantage of the international community, the music, the food, the football……coffee and cake.

Other than teaching, what negative aspects are there for living in Hamburg, Germany?
– weather is awful. You have to like rain and gray.
– takes a long time to get “in” to a community, but once you are in, you are in for life.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Hamburg, Germany to live?
Learn German, book a plane ticket to somewhere sunny in January or February, be prepared to wait a while to make German friends (as in years), learn German, be open to international friends, join clubs, do your own thing, don’t take it personally if people are “direct” or “blunt” as it is perfectly okay to be direct, learn German, and be prepared to live in rhythm with the weather.

What things do you miss most (other than family and friends) from your home country?
Sunshine, relaxed attitudes, shallow friendliness on the streets.

What things would you recommend to new teachers in your area to bring with them from their home country (e.g. things that are difficult to get in your location)?
Spices, anything related to food, health and beauty products, Tampax (seriously! They only sell OB, no applicator).

What do you think you will miss most when (or if) you leave Hamburg, Germany?
Transit systems, the slower pace of life, bakeries, the quality of friendships, being able to bike everywhere, Christmas markets, being able to call Christmas Christmas and not “The Holidays”, Saturday football games.

Other comments
If you want to do it, go for it. You won’t regret it. Plan to be there for three years, and don’t be surprised when you stay for six, or ten.

About Me and My Work:

My Name: CalGal

Nationality: USA

Students I’ve taught in Germany: Toddlers (2-4 years), pre-school / kindergarten (4-6 years), junior high school (12-15 years), high school (15-18 years), adults, business.

How I found my current jobs: Social network, and I created one at the preschool per parents’ requests.

My school facilities: Very good – comfy room, technology, freedom to teach as I feel meets my students’ needs.

Teacher support at my school: Lesson observations, teacher evaluations.


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  1. Hi thank you for this information. I will be graduating with my Early Childhood and Teaching English as a second language degree in May and would love to teach in Hamburg. Could you tell me of any places (schools or academies) that I could contact?

    Thank you!!

  2. Dear CalGal,

    thank you for the wonderful article, it’s really helpful and consice. I am a qualified linguist and an English teacher and currently in Hamburg, and don’t have any idea where to go for a start. Would you kindly recommend anything?

  3. Wow! wonderful post!

    Thank you for explaining so much about teaching English in Hamburg.

    I’m graduating with my MA in linguistics for TESOL professionals from Colorado, USA; and I’m planning on teaching in Germany, Hamburg in the summer. Do you have any recommendations as to where/who I can communicate with (perhaps an English school that would be willing to take such a proposal in consideration)?

    P.S. feel free to contact me through my e-mail address, if you could kindly give the time 🙂

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