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Teaching English in Morez, France


Report submitted on 21 Sep, 2016 by Sarah.

Teaching English in Morez, France:

How can teachers find teaching jobs in Morez, France?
Private advertising, through agencies or ask at local schools or town hall.

The main English teaching jobs available are:
Part time English language school positions, agencies (send teachers to different locations), teaching at state schools, teaching at private international schools, teaching at community centers, etc., private teaching (not through a school, agency, etc.)

What are the minimum teaching requirements?
I personally had no previous experience or qualifications. My diploma is in performing arts and I was previously a children’s entertainer. If you have a love and a talent for teaching language that was enough.

What teaching requirements would you recommend?
For a Professional full time position you would need a degree and to complete french teacher training.

What are the levels of payment?
I earn 15€ (approx. US$ 16.70) per hour.

How many teaching days a week is normal?
5 days per week.

How many face-to-face teaching hours a week is normal?
35 hours per week.

What is the normal arrangement for holidays?
Generally bank holidays and school holidays.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Morez, France to teach English?
Bring loads of baked beans, they cost about 5 times as much here you could make a fortune!

What are the positive aspects of teaching English in Morez, France?
People are generally really interested to learn and they really love english culture.

What are the negative aspects for teaching English in Morez, France?
There are a lot of stereotypes about english people and you have to prove that you an cook good food.

What are some of the teaching challenges for English teachers teaching the local people in your area?
There are very few english people or opportunities for english immersion.


Living in Morez, France:

Are there any visa or other legal requirements to live in France?
No visa required for EU citizens, I don’t really know about non EU.

What is the cost of living like in France?
It’s more expensive where I am because I live on the border but generally its ok.

What are the usual accommodation arrangements and how can you find accommodation?
You can easily find rentals online.

Other than teaching, what positive aspects are there for living in Morez, France?
Beautiful beautiful scenery and cheap skiing in the winter!

Other than teaching, what negative aspects are there for living in scenery, France?
Very remote and hard to find clothes for tall people. If you are larger than a uk 14 it is difficult to find clothes and if your feet are bigger than a size 13 it is hard to find shoes.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Morez, France?
Bring some warm clothes and you can’t get by without a car.

What things do you miss most (other than family and friends) from your home country?

What do you think you will miss most when (or if) you leave France?
The lakes, snow and mountains.

What things would you recommend to new teachers in your area to bring with them from their home country?
Baked beans, clothes, curry powder, marmite, smoked paprika, jelly, angel delight, mango chutney, golden syrup.


About Me and My Work:

My Name: Sarah

Nationality: English

Students I’ve taught in France: Toddlers (2-4 years), pre-school / kindergarten (4-6 years), elementary (6-12 years), junior high school (12-15 years), high school (15-18 years), adults

Where I teachEcole sur les puits, Morez. Teaching here for 5 years.

I also teach privately.

How I found my current jobs
The town hall called me to offer me a job after I did a few free lessons for the local school

My school facilities: Very good – They have well equipped classrooms and the teachers are excellent.

Do you teach English in France?

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