31 Dec 2017

Monthly Materials and resources additions to ESL KidStuff

We added the following to our site in December, 2017:

Classroom reader worksheets

We have added more worksheets for our classroom readers – there is now a worksheet for each of our 59 readers.

These worksheets can be used for either the printed classroom readers or video versions of the readers.


The worksheets added during December are as follows:

  • The Secret Cave worksheet
  • Silly Willy’s Seasons worksheet
  • Santa Gets Stuck worksheet
  • Sammy Snake’s Birthday Party worksheet
  • Mr. Stretch’s House worksheet
  • Rainbowman Saves the Day worksheet
  • Silly Willy Goes Shopping worksheet
  • Pirate Jake’s Treasure Hunt worksheet
  • Our Pets worksheet
  • Numbers 1-10 worksheet
  • Let’s Count to 20! worksheet
  • Mr. Upside Down Man’s Busy Day worksheet
  • Silly Willy’s Great Day worksheet
  • The Clever Prince worksheet
  • The Farmer’s Vegetables worksheet
  • Tom’s Cat worksheet
  • Wendy the Witch’s Potion worksheet
  • Toys Play Time worksheet
  • What are you Doing? worksheet
  • What Color am I? worksheet
  • What Time Is It? worksheet
  • What Weather Do You Like? worksheet
  • Where are the Chocolate Eggs? worksheet
  • Where Do You Live worksheet
  • Where’s Mother? worksheet
  • World Records worksheet
  • Alien Fathers worksheet
  • Thank You Mother! worksheet

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