25 Apr 2017
Updated26 Apr2017

Lesson plans online!

All of our lesson plans now have online versions!

We have received lots of requests to put our lesson plans online – previously they were only available as downloadable print outs. Now each lesson plan has its own page on our site which makes it easier if you use it while you teach, either on your computer, tablet or phone.

Each lesson plan page can be accessed from the main lesson plans page by clicking on the lesson plan title.

Click here to visit our lesson plans page: https://www.eslkidstuff.com/esl-kids-lesson-plans.html

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22 Jun 2015

Lesson Plans with Illustrations!

Now all of our lesson plans are fully illustrated

Lesson plans with illustrationsOur lesson plans now come with lovely illustrations which provides a visual element to the different teaching points of the lesson.

Each point of the lesson plan has an accompanying illustration depicting the teacher and students in various stages of the lesson.  We hope this will help teachers visualize the lesson activities and make the lesson plans more attractive and appealing.  Our lesson plans are free to download.

Head over to our lesson plans page to see!


Lesson plan illustrations

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14 May 2015
Updated24 Nov2016

Teaching Daily Routines & Times of the Day to ESL kids

Daily routinesHow to teach daily routines & times of the day to kids learning English?

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