12 Nov 2013
Updated02 Nov2016

Christmas Songs for ESL Kids – downloads

Download 2 new songs from ESL KidStuff: “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” & “Jingle Bells”

We have added two songs for download to use in your ESL kids Christmas lessons.  Both songs have been adapted so that they are much easier for kids learning English (see our discussion in an earlier article on adapting Christmas Carols).

We Wish You A Merry Christmas SongWe Wish You a Merry Christmas (adapted)

Song Theme: Talking about Christmas and Christmas traditions
Target Vocab: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Santa, Rudolf, sleigh, presents, Christmas tree, decorations, roast turkey, Christmas pudding.
Song Length: 2:22

A classic Christmas song with easier lyrics for kids learning English.

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08 Dec 2012
Updated10 Jan2020

Christmas Carols for ESL Kids

Christmas Carols adapted for children learning English

Christmas Carols for ESL kidsIn the run up to Christmas, putting together and teaching Christmas themed lessons (see our Christmas Lesson Plans) creates a really nice learning experience for our students and is one of the highlights of the teaching calendar.

On problem though, is using traditional Christmas carols in our Christmas lessons.  Almost all contain multiple verses with complex vocabulary which is often antiquated and therefore unused in normal speech.

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04 Dec 2012
Updated15 Sep2022

10 Easy Christmas Crafts to use in your lessons

Quick & Easy Crafts for your ESL Christmas Lessons

There are so many great activities you can do in your lessons in the lead up to Christmas.  Here at ESL KidStuff we have a lot of Christmas games & activities, Christmas themed flashcards and worksheets as well as craft sheets.

Crafts are always popular, kids of all ages love doing them, and they can really liven up your kids lesson.  Here are 10 great crafts you can use in your Christmas lessons:

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