19 Jul 2013

Lesson Plans for ESL kids teachers

New section on ESL KidStuff: Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for ESL kids teachersWe are excited to announce our new section on ESL KidStuff: Lesson Plans.  Lessons plans are theme-based and have accompanying materials such as flashcards, worksheets, craft sheets and downloadable songs.  All you have to do is select and print your lesson plan and you are set to go.

We will be adding more lesson plans on a frequent basis so be sure to check back.

Click here to visit our new section: Lesson Plans for ESL kids teachers.

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08 Jan 2013
Updated31 Jul2018

Top 10 listening activities (without a CD)

Listening practice activities to use in your ESL Kids Classes which do not require CDs.

Listening activities for ESL kidsListening is a really important skill and there are lots of activities we can do in class to help develop this ability which do not require a formal listening practice set up (CDs, videos, etc.).  Of course, having regular listenings in class is great but we can also combine this with listening to the teacher and fellow students.  Below are some fun and interactive ways to provide listening practice in your lessons.

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