08 Oct 2013
Updated06 Feb2019

Top 10 Easy Halloween Crafts to use in your lesson

Quick & Easy Crafts for your ESL Halloween Lessons

There is so many fun things you can do in your lessons in the lead up to Halloween.  Here at ESL KidStuff you can find a full Halloween lesson plan, a downloadable Halloween song, lots of Halloween games & activities, Halloween flashcards and worksheets and craft sheets.

Crafts are popular and fun thing to do in your Halloween lessons – kids of all ages love doing them!  Here are 10 great crafts you can use in your Halloween lessons:

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03 Oct 2013
Updated24 Apr2014

Halloween Songs for ESL Kids – downloads

Download 2 songs from ESL KidStuff: “Happy Halloween!” & “One Little, Two Little, Three Little Witches”

We have added two songs for download to use in your ESL kids Halloween lessons.  The first song contains many of the characters from Halloween (ghost, zombie, etc.) and is good for older children (6 years and older).  The second song is a nice and simple song about witches for the little children to enjoy.

Happy Halloween SongHappy Halloween!

Song Theme: Talking about Halloween and popular Halloween characters
Target Vocab: Halloween, ghost, monster, witch, black cat, wizard, mummy, bat, zombie, Look there’s a/an, Look out of the window, What will we see?, Go outside in the street, Who will we meet?.
Song Length: 2:26

A spooky song describing what you can see and meet on Halloween night.

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