29 Nov 2017

Monthly Materials and resources additions to ESL KidStuff

We added the following to our site in November, 2017:

Classroom reader worksheets

We are adding worksheets for each classroom reader which students can use either during the story or for comprehension check afterwards.

These worksheets can be used for either the printed classroom readers or video versions of the readers.


We have so far added the following worksheets (more will be added this month):

  • Aliens on Planet Zorg worksheet
  • Alien Sports worksheet
  • Alphabet Book worksheet
  • Andre Asks worksheet
  • Are you ready? worksheet
  • Ben the Wizard worksheet
  • Bobs bus worksheet
  • Days of the week worksheet
  • Old MacDonald’s Farm Animals worksheet
  • Find me in the classroom worksheet
  • Four seasons worksheet
  • Fruit Salad worksheet
  • Halloween worksheet
  • Haunted Hotel worksheet
  • How do you feel when? worksheet
  • The Hungry Snake worksheet
  • I can worksheet
  • Jamie’s Magic School Bag worksheet
  • The Jobs Bus worksheet
  • Let’s Climb a Mountain worksheet
  • The Thanksgiving Turkey worksheet
  • Let’s Get Dressed worksheet
  • Let’s Measure worksheet
  • The Mystery of the Missing Magic Carpet worksheet
  • The Monster Family worksheet
  • Monster Friends worksheet
  • Monster Mornings worksheet
  • Monster School Plans worksheet
  • Silly Willy’s Months worksheet
  • Mr. Shape Head worksheet
  • Mr. Stretch Feels Sick worksheet

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