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Teaching English in Taipei, Taiwan

Hsinchu, Taiwan


Report submitted on 02 Dec, 2015 by Yasmin.

Teaching English in Taipei, Taiwan:

How can teachers find teaching jobs in Taipei, Taiwan?
Online or contact an agent.

The main English teaching jobs available are:
Full time English language school positions, part time English language school positions, teaching at kindergartens / pre-schools, teaching at state schools, teaching at private international schools.

What are the minimum teaching requirements?
Degree and passport from a native English speaking country.

What teaching requirements would you recommend?
TESOL can greatly help in getting the better jobs.

What are the levels of payment?
£14 per hours (approx. US$20).

How many teaching days a week is normal?
5 days per week.

How many face-to-face teaching hours a week is normal?
23 hours per week.

What is the normal arrangement for holidays?
2 weeks per year.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming toTaipei, Taiwan to teach English?
It’s a lot of fun and lots of valuable skills can be learnt from the experience.

What are the positive aspects of teaching English in Taipei, Taiwan?
Wonderful lifestyle, great kids who are very respectful.

What are the negative aspects for teaching English in Taipei, Taiwan?
Management hard to deal with.


Living in Taipei, Taiwan:

Are there any visa or other legal requirements to live in Taiwan?
Work permit and ARC for non residents.

What is the cost of living like in Taiwan?
£600-800/ month (approx US$870 – US$1,150).

What are the usual accommodation arrangements and how can you find accommodation?
Online / through agents / foreigners sharing sites.

Other than teaching, what positive aspects are there for living in Taipei, Taiwan?
Friendly people, many people speak English, lots to do, great food, convenience.

Other than teaching, what negative aspects are there for living in Taipei, Taiwan?
Weather, cleanliness.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Taipei, Taiwan?
It’s a very good idea.

What things do you miss most (other than family and friends) from your home country?

What do you think you will miss most when (or if) you leave Taiwan?

What things would you recommend to new teachers in your area to bring with them from their home country?
Everything is easy to find except British style bacon.


About Me and My Work:

My Name: Yasmin

Nationality: British

Students I’ve taught in Taiwan: Toddlers (2-4 years), pre-school / kindergarten (4-6 years), elementary (6-12 years), adults.

My school facilities: Adequate.

Teacher support at my school: Lesson observations.

Do you teach English in Taiwan?

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