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Teaching English in Piacenza, Italy


Piacenza, Italy

Report submitted on 09 Novenmber, 2015 by Ashley.

Teaching English in Piacenza, Italy:

How can teachers find teaching jobs in Piacenza, Italy?
There are so many English schools here who are always looking for ‘mother tongue’ speakers.

The main English teaching jobs available are:
Teaching at private international schools, teaching at companies, private teaching (not through a school, agency, etc.)

What are the minimum teaching requirements?
Depends on the situation. At most private English teaching schools the only requirement is that you are a mother tongue speaker. To enter the state school system you would need a recognised TEFL diploma.

What teaching requirements would you recommend?
TELF diploma

How many teaching days a week is normal?
5 days per week.

How many face-to-face teaching hours a week is normal?
10 hours per week.

What is the normal arrangement for holidays?
School holidays here are over 3 months of summer. Most people are away during this time so it would be quite hard to find work. There are some English summer camps but they usually start at the beginning of September just before school opens.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Piacenza, Italy to teach English?
Italian parents are desperate for their children to learn English so there is plenty of work but with the current economic crisis they are restricted financially.

What are the positive aspects of teaching English in Piacenza, Italy?
They are really enthusiastic about learning the language.

What are the negative aspects for teaching English in Piacenza, Italy?
They don’t want to pay!

What are some of the teaching challenges for English teachers teaching the local people in your area?
The in-school level of English is way below the international average so you have to start right from the beginning.


Living in Piacenza, Italy:

Are there any visa or other legal requirements to live in Italy?
Not if you are English or from within the EU. I couldn’t answer for other countries.

What is the cost of living like in Italy?
Italy is beginning more expensive everyday. Taxes are very high, making day to day living comparable to London!

What are the usual accommodation arrangements and how can you find accommodation?
Italians generally live at home until they are married so it can be quite hard to find a flat share but rents are still fairly reasonable.

Other than teaching, what positive aspects are there for living in Piacenza, Italy?
The food, the wine, it’s Italy!!!

Other than teaching, what negative aspects are there for living in Piacenza, Italy?
The economy. Italy and the Italians are having a really hard time. No one can afford to pay the taxes and live!

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Piacenza, Italy?
Be prepared to step back in time!

What things do you miss most (other than family and friends) from your home country?
Food. Speaking English. Sensation that there is always something new happening.

What do you think you will miss most when (or if) you leave Piacenza, Italy?
The weather

What things would you recommend to new teachers in your area to bring with them from their home country?
With the Internet you can get most things delivered. The one thing that I stock up on is my preferred brands of medicines, especially for the children.


About Me and My Work:

My Name: Ashley

Nationality: English

Students I’ve taught in Italy: Toddlers (2-4 years), pre-school / kindergarten (4-6 years), elementary (6-12 years), junior high school (12-15 years).

Where I teach: I have opened my own private school. I have about 15 students a week. Working here for 1 year.

My school facilities: Adequate – As it’s my own school I have to source everything myself.

Teacher support at my school: None.


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  1. Hi Ashley,

    My partner and I are UK citizens, who are looking to find jobs in Piacenza. (my partner has a ancestral home there) and we plan to move there. The only concern is me, I am uncertain about the job availability in Piacenza. We both have TEFl certification, and my partner is Italian speaking too.. Any advice for us?

    Thank you!

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