11 Apr 2013

New Worksheets Available on ESL KidStuff!

We have added 19 more worksheets to the site.  This brings the total number of worksheets on ESL KidStuff to 1,102!

The new worksheets are as follows (Click on the links to see the worksheets):

  • Demonstrative Pronouns (This, That, These, Those): Demonstrative Pronouns 1: This & That 1, Demonstrative Pronouns 2: This & That 2, Demonstrative Pronouns 3: Those & These 1, Demonstrative Pronouns 4: Those & These 2, Demonstrative Pronouns 5: This, That, These, Those 1, Demonstrative Pronouns 6: This, That, These, Those 2.
  • Emotions & Feelings: How do you feel what …? 1, How do you feel what …? 2, How do you feel what …? 3.
  • Body & Face: Body Parts Match 2 (To use with the Head, Shoulder’s, Knees & Toes song), Mr. Shapes Head’s Body, Mr. Shape Head 2
  • Days of the Week: Days of the Week Scramble 2 (Monday to Sunday), Days of the Week Order
  • Months of the Year: Months Scramble, Months Order, Fill in the Calendar Months
  • Shapes: Mr. Shapes Head’s Body, Mr. Shape Head 2, Shapes Color Fun
  • Animals: Match up the Animals 2, Farm Animals Matchup

Worksheets for ESL Kids

(Members can log in to download the worksheets)

As usual, the worksheets are available in American English and British English.

We are always looking for more ideas for worksheets to make, so if you would like us to make worksheets on any particular theme, please let us know!

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