30 Aug 2014

Play our 50 songs on our new app for phones and tablets!

We are excited to announce our new Songs App – which is FREE for our members!

  • Available now on Android Phones & Tablets
  • Coming soon on iPhones and iPads


Songs for Kids app
The app will play all of the 50 songs on our Songs page – so no more needing to download and burn to CD!

Yes, we are offering our App for free to all of our members – so as long as you have a membership account with us you can use the Songs App to play our songs in of your lessons.  Otherwise the app will cost approx. US$13 on the Play Store and iTunes.

Simply head to the Play Store (Android phones & tablets) to download it and then enter your ESL KidStuff membership login name and password:

Android phones & tablets:

Click here to Download from Play Store

iPhones & iPads: coming soon – please check back regularly for updates.

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