04 Jul 2013
Updated16 Jul2013

We’ve finally released our Flashcard App for Android phones – and it’s FREE for all ESL KidStuff members!

Flashcards app for Android phones

With our new app you can display all of our 1,500 flashcards right on your phone or tablet – now you never have to carry around all those flashcards with you!

Key points:

  • you can quickly open and view over 1,500 flashcards in over 80 categories
  • you can toggle between each flashcard picture and word by tapping the screen
  • you can swipe left and right to move between flashcards
  • you can download flashcard sets to your phone for use when not connected to the Internet

For more info and download links, please check our flashcard app page.

iphone / ipad users:

We are close to completing the flashcards app for you, too!  We’ll announce the release on this site so please keep an eye out for it!

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