21 Feb 2013

New Section on ESL KidStuff: ESL Teacher’s Resources

ESL Teacher's ResourcesOn this new page we plan to bring lots of free printables to help teachers in organising their classes and lessons.  You can download each resource in either PDF format or as a Word document (which will allow you to edit the text).

Click here to visit the page: https://www.eslkidstuff.com/esl-teachers-resources.htm

We have already added quite a few resources:

  • Certificates: 12 different certificates for you to print off and give to your deserving students.  What better way to reward your students than a certificate?
  • Attendance Sheets: 4 attendance sheets for different class sizes.  Keep on top of your attendance!
  • Lesson Record Sheet: Never forget what you have taught or set for homework.  Simply fill in the key points from your lessons onto this sheet for reference.
  • Lesson Plan Templates: Use our templates to plan your lessons and keep organised.

ESL Teacher's Resources

We hope you like these resources! If you can think of any more, let us know and we’ll make them and add to the page.

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