13 Mar 2013
Updated14 Mar2013

Quick & Easy Crafts for your ESL Easter Lessons

There are loads great activities you can do in your lessons in the lead up to Easter.  On ESL KidStuff we have a lot of Easter games & activities, Easter themed flashcards and worksheets.

Crafts are always popular, kids of all ages love doing them, and they can really liven up your kids lesson.  Here are 5 great crafts you can use in your Easter lessons:

Easter Card1. Easter Egg cards. You can easily make these in class with some construction paper, felt and common craft supplies.  Before class, cut out enough card for each student for the actual card.  Also, cut out the green grass for each student and different colored oval shapes for the eggs.  Finally, cut out strips of felt for the ribbons and small circles to stick on the eggs. In class, have your students glue the felt onto the cards. Older kids can write an Easter message inside the card and for smaller kids you can help them write their own message (even get them to trace over a message written lightly in pencil). A nice idea is to have each student give their card to another student (in an envelope if you can stretch your budget far enough!).

Easter Bunny Ears2. Easter Bunny Ears. Before class prepare the shapes: cut a strip of card for the headband and two ear shapes (including pink inner ears) per student.  In class, give out the headband strips and ear shapes to your students and let them decorate the headband and ears with crayons, markers, glitter, etc. Finally, measure the headband on each student’s head and glue or staple in place and glue on the ears.


Easter Egg Decoration3. Easter Egg Decoration. Use real egg shells (before class get some eggs, puncture a hole at both ends and blow out the insides of the egg, then wash out). Use colored felt pens, paint, glue and glitter, stickers and anything else to decorate the eggs. You can use these eggs in the ‘Easter Egg Blow’ game – use straws to blow the eggs across the classroom – the first across is the winner!

Easter Rabbit Masks4. Easter Rabbit Masks.  All you need is paper plates, pink or black paper (a small quantity for the nose and ears), cardboard and cotton balls or another soft material. First cut out oval shapes from the cardboard – this will become your bunny’s ears. Next, cut out the nose from the colored paper. You can also cut triangles of pink paper to make the inside of the bunny’s ear. Cut two holes in the paper plate for eyes. Then paste on the ears, eyes and nose. Paste cotton balls all over the face to make the bunny look soft. There you have a bunny mask.

Chick Hand Print Craft5. Chick Hand Print Craft.  This gets messy – more fun for the kids!  Before class, cut out two yellow circles per student from construction paper (larger for body, the other for the head). In class, give each student a square sheet of construction paper and circles to glue to the card.  Then get the paint out.  First, have your students paint the eyes, beak and hair.  Finally, let them get their hands covered in paint to print the chick’s hands and feet.

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