11 Apr 2013

New Worksheets!

New Worksheets Available on ESL KidStuff!

We have added 19 more worksheets to the site.  This brings the total number of worksheets on ESL KidStuff to 1,102!

The new worksheets are as follows (Click on the links to see the worksheets):

  • Demonstrative Pronouns (This, That, These, Those): Demonstrative Pronouns 1: This & That 1, Demonstrative Pronouns 2: This & That 2, Demonstrative Pronouns 3: Those & These 1, Demonstrative Pronouns 4: Those & These 2, Demonstrative Pronouns 5: This, That, These, Those 1, Demonstrative Pronouns 6: This, That, These, Those 2.
  • Emotions & Feelings: How do you feel what …? 1, How do you feel what …? 2, How do you feel what …? 3.
  • Body & Face: Body Parts Match 2 (To use with the Head, Shoulder’s, Knees & Toes song), Mr. Shapes Head’s Body, Mr. Shape Head 2
  • Days of the Week: Days of the Week Scramble 2 (Monday to Sunday), Days of the Week Order
  • Months of the Year: Months Scramble, Months Order, Fill in the Calendar Months
  • Shapes: Mr. Shapes Head’s Body, Mr. Shape Head 2, Shapes Color Fun
  • Animals: Match up the Animals 2, Farm Animals Matchup

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19 Dec 2012

Kids ESL Songs coming soon!

New songs to download and use in your English lessons

ESL Kids SongsWe are currently working on some kids ESL songs that you can download and play in your lessons!

The songs are based on ESL lesson themes and vocab related to these themes. Some of the songs are adapted versions of well-known children’s songs (e.g. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes) and some are original songs which we have written to slide nicely into your themed lessons (e.g. a weather theme song).

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