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ESL Kids Wrap Up Activity Tips

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These activities can be done in the following order at the end of your lesson:

  • Resources: Homework worksheet
  • Supplies: glove puppet in a cloth bag
  • Songs: The Goodbye Song or a song the Ss know well.
  1. Assign HomeworkAssign Homework
    Each week give out a homework worksheet for your students to take home. Hold up the homework worksheet and model how to do it. Give out the worksheets and say "Put your homework in your bags" and help them to do so - this is important as they will probably want to start coloring them right away.

    Note: If possible, encourage the parents to help out as much as possible with their child's homework - it is a great way to have you students practice the target language outside of class.

  2. Glove PuppetSay Goodbye to glove puppet
    Take out the bag again and get everyone to wake up the glove puppet by shouting its name into the bad (e.g. "Cookie Monster"). Bring out the puppet and go through the same routine - go to each S and say hello, ask their name and the say goodbye / see you. Then put the puppet back in the bag (back to sleep).

  3. Sing "Goodbye Song" or a Review SongSing "Goodbye Song" or a Review Song.
    The "Goodbye Song" is a good way to sign off the class. Sit together in a circle and sing and clap along. You can also use a different song, especially if your Ss love a particular song.

  4. Do "Quick Check"Do "Quick Check"
    Time to leave the class. Make sure everything is put away and the Ss have gathered their belongings. Have them line up at the door and place yourself between the door and the Ss. For each S check one of the new words they learned in today's lesson (e.g. hold up a color or fruit and ask "What's this?"). For very young kids you can hold up one of the worksheets you did and ask them to touch an object (e.g. "Touch the melon"). When they give you an answer say goodbye and let them leave.


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