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ESL Kids / Young Learners Research Articles - Online

There is a surprisingly large amount of articles on the web related to teaching ESL to young learners.  Below is a growing list of links to some interesting ESL kids articles.  If you know of an appropriate article on the web, or have written one yourself, please let us know and we'll add it to the list.

Article Title Author
6 different types of ESL learners and how to teach them ESL KidStuff, 2013.
12 Tips for Teachers of Children Uchida, Helene Jarmol.
A Child's First Steps in Language Learning McGlothlin, J. Doug.  1997.
An Account of a Pilot Key Pal Project for Korean Children Choi, Jaehee.  1998.
Age Effects in Second Language Acquisition: Overview Wiwikyulihaningsih. 2011.
Acquiring a Second Language for School Collier, Virginia P. 1995.
Acquiring Vocabulary Through Story-Songs L. Medina, Suzanne.  2003.
Children's Writing in ESL Hudelson, Sarah.  1988.
Classroom Atmosphere Uchida, Helene Jarmol.  2002.
Communicative Grammar For Kids Cossu, Greg. 2000.
Considerations in Teaching Culturally Diverse Children Coballes-Vega, Carmen.  1992.
Dealing with Bad Behavior in an ESL Kids classroom ESL KidStuff, 2013.
Effective Instruction for Language Minority Children with Mild Disabilities Ruiz, Nadine T.  1991.
Encouraging Classroom Language Use Louwerse, Michelle. 2001.
Fostering Second Language Development in Young Children Eric Digest. 1995.
Helping Children Learn to Think in English Through Reading Storybooks Neyman, Patricia F.  2002.
How to TPR Abstractions: The critical role of imagination Asher, James and Silvers, Stephen. 2002-2003.
Making Your Classroom a Window to the World Tada, Reiko. 2000.
Memory-Friendly Teaching Corin, Douglas. 2000.

Metaphoric intelligence and foreign language learning

Littlemore, Jeannette.  2001.

Motivating Young ESL Learners: Part Two: More Ideas for Keeping Things Moving

Spelleri, Maria.  2002.
Music in the English Classroom Uchida, Helene Jarmol.  2003.

Myths and Misconceptions about Second Language Learning: What every teacher needs to unlearn

McLaughlin, Barry.  1992.
Planning a Lesson For Children Krause, Aleda. 2000.
Playing Games in English Uchida, Helene Jarmol.  2003.
Programs for Teaching English Language Learners Rennie, Jeanne.  1993.
Receptive skills with young learners Gabrielatos, Costas.  1997.
Research for TPR Storytelling Asher, James.  2000.

Secondary Newcomer Programs: Helping Recent Immigrants Prepare for School Success

Short, Deborah, J.  1998.
Strategies for Effective Classroom Rules Louwerse, Michelle. 2000.
Student Recognition Uchida, Helene Jarmol.  2003.
Teacher Presence Uchida, Helene Jarmol.  2001.
Teaching Children: Some FAQ's Herrera, Mario. 2000.
Teaching Creative Writing in the Elementary School Essex, Christopher.  1996.
Teaching Japanese-English Bilingual Children to Read English at Home Smith, Craig.  1996.
The Effect of Music on Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition L. Medina, Suzanne.  2000.
The Process Oriented Approach to Teaching Writing to Second Language Learners Montague, Nicole.  1995.
The Questioning Approach Paul, David. 2001.
The Student Baby Watson, Lynda. 2001.
Using Music to Enhance Second Language Acquisition: From Theory to Practice L. Medina, Suzanne.  2002.
Using Readers in Children's Classes Hoskins-Sakamoto, Barbara. 2001.
We Can Talk: Cooperative Learning in the Elementary ESL Classroom Kagan, Spencer.  1995.
What is Immersion? Bostwick, Mike.  2004.
What is Total Physical Response? Asher, James.
Why, How, and When Should My Child Learn a Second Language? Marcos, Kathleen.  2001.
Young Learner's Writing Workshop Beare, Kenneth.