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Frequently Asked Questions

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Memberships & Member's Accounts:

How much does an ESL KidStuff membership cost?

Memberships can be purchased at the following costs:

  • 1 year (365 days): US$29
  • 2 years (730 days): US$48 (=US$24 per year)
  • 3 years (1,095 days): US$59 (=US$19.70 per year)

You can purchase a membership here: REGISTER.

How long does a membership last?

Memberships start from the day you purchase the membership and runs for the for the following durations:

  • 1 year membership = 365 days: (US$29)
  • 2 year membership = 730 days: (US$48)
  • 3 year membership = 1,095 days:( US$59)

You can purchase a membership here: REGISTER.

When does the membership start?

Memberships start from the day you purchase the membership.

Can I access the Member's Area on different computers?

Yes. You can access the Member's Area and download materials from any computer, anywhere in the world (as long as you have an Internet connection). You can therefore access the Member's Area on your computer at work and at home and even whilst traveling.

Will my credit card be automatically charged each year?

No. We do not use a subscription based membership payment system. Therefore, when your membership expires you can purchase a new membership via our membership renewal payment page.

How can I cancel my membership?

We do not use a subscription based membership payment system so you will not be charged again for another membership. You can simply leave your membership to expire.

How can I change my login name, password or email address?

You can update your account details in your Profile page. Here is how:

  1. Log in to the Member's Area.
  2. In the top-right side of the Member's Area you will see a link called "PROFILE". Click the link.
  3. Update your account details and click the submit button.
Where can I see when my membership exires?

You can view your membership status which shows your registration date and number of days remaining on your Profile page. Here is how:

  1. Log in to the Member's Area.
  2. In the top-right side of the Member's Area you will see a link called "PROFILE". Click the link.
  3. Update your account details and click the submit button.
I have forgotten my login name and password. How can I retrieve them?

Your login name and password can be automatically sent to you:

  1. Go to our Login Page.
  2. Click the "Forgot Password?" link under the log in form.
  3. Enter the email address you used when creating your account.

Within a few seconds an email with your login name and password will be sent to your email address.


If you get a message saying that your email address doesn't exist in our member's database you must have used a different email address during registration. In the case that you are unable to retrieve your account details, please contact us.

Can I share my membership with anyone?

No, memberships are only for use of the person who registered for the membership.


The following is NOT allowed:

  • You CANNOT share your login name and password with anyone.
  • You CANNOT allow others to download materials from the site.
  • You CANNOT print or copy any of our materials for other teachers, colleagues or students from other classes.
  • You cannot give songs to anyone (either the files or copies on CD, etc.). If you students would like to have the songs, please encourage them to purchase a membership.


However, the following is allowed:

  • You CAN print and copy flashcards, worksheets, craft sheets and readers for your own students to use.
  • You CAN allow someone else to purchase a membership on your behalf. Then only you is allowed to access the Member's Area of the site.
  • You CAN store any of our materials on your computer (for your own use).

For more information, please see our terms and conditions.



How do I create a login name and password?

After you have purchased a membership you will automatically be taken to a registration form where you can choose your login name and password.

Where is my login name and password? I have just purchased a membership but have not received my log in details.

After purchasing a membership you should have been automatically be taken through to our registration form. However, on some rare occasions the payment processor may fail to send you back to our site for registration (maybe there was a time-out error or a problem with the Internet connection at the time of the pass back).


In this case we will send you your log in details by email. We will do this as soon as we see you have made a membership purchase but have not created a login name password. We will do this as soon as we can but please allow up to 8 hours (although in reality it is usually much quicker).


Please feel free to contact us if you have not received your log in name and password if you haven't heard from us within a few hours of making the membership payment.


Printable Materials (flashcards, worksheets, craft sheets & readers):

Can I save images and documents from ESL KidStuff onto my computer?

Yes, you can store all images, pictures and files onto your hard drive. However, they can only be for your own use in class. You may make copies for your students to use in class, but you may not make copies for the use of others (including other teachers or other students). Images and pictures from may not be used in any published materials or on any website without permission. is protected by copyright © ESL KidStuff (see full terms & conditions).

How do I print a flashcard, work sheet, craft sheet, song sheet or reader?
  • Printing our flashcards, worksheets, craft sheets and song sheets is easy. Please go to our printing instruction page.
  • We also have videos to explain step-by-step how to print our materials.
  • For readers, please visit our Readers page and view the printing instructions under "How to assemble your book".
Can I order ready-made flashcards?

Sorry, we are not currently offering any printed materials for sale.

Will you be adding more flashcards / worksheets / craft sheets / readers?

Yes! We'll be adding more materials to the existing stock on a regular basis, so please check back often or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.



How can I download and play your songs?

Downloading and playing our songs is easy!

To download our songs to your computer or device you will first need to log in to the Member's Area and then go to the Songs page.


To download and play individual songs:

  1. Choose the song you want to download and play.
  2. Click the text "Download Full Song" or "Download Music only".
  3. The song should download onto your computer or device and begin playing. If it doesn't begin to play, check the download location on your computer and double click the song file.

To download and play full albums:

  1. Choose the album you want to download and play.
  2. Click the "Download full album" link.
  3. Follow the instruction on the download page to download and play the album.
Can I give the songs to my students, colleagues, friends, etc.?

Sorry, we do not allow our songs to be given away to anyone. You may download the songs on our website for your own use in class (you may not make copies for each of your students). Copying of the songs for others or sharing online is strictly prohibited.


PLEASSSSSE do not share our songs. We have invested a lot of time, resources and money to provide these wonderful songs for our members. Giving the songs away for free will mean we will not be able to receive membership payment fees from others, and that means we will not be able to afford to record more songs and produce other resources. I am sure you will agree that $29 is exceptional value. If anyone asks for a copy, please just direct them to our site to sign up for themselves. THANK YOU!



Are your apps really free?

For our members, Yes!

If you are not a member of ESL KidStuff you have two choices:

  1. join ESL KidStuff (you will be able to use all of our materials and resoucres, including the app)
  2. puchase the full version of the app to gain access to the resources (you can do this after installing the app from the iTunes Store or Google Play store).

For more details, please visit our apps pages:

What devices are your apps available for?

Our apps can be used on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets.


For more details, please visit our apps pages:

I have some more questions about your apps

Please visit the FAQs for the apps on our Apps pages:


Other Questions:

Do you have a newsletter I can sign up to?

Yes, we do! We send periodic newsletters to anyone who opts-in to our mailing list. Our newsletters contain updates to the site, news of new materials and other ESL kids teaching related news. Please sign up on our Newsletters page.

How can I contact you?

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us here.