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Behavior ManagementBehavior Management. This amazing website is definitely worth checking out!  It lists hundreds of different misbehavior types (including 'the Animal'(!), 'the Distracter', 'the Hider' and 'the Noisemaker'), then gives detailed descriptions of each type and offers help and advice managing misbehavior.  As the website states, the purpose of the site "is to provide you with a resource for handling student misbehavior. It presents a complete step-by-step approach to changing inappropriate student behavior to appropriate behavior".  Visit the site here: 'You Can Handle Them All'.


ESL BingoESL Bingo.  All kids love bingo!  Here are 3 excellent links: Peter Warner's Livening Up Bingo has instructions and ideas for using Bingo with ESL kids as well as a great prepositions bingo game with board and cards.  David Lisgo's Double Sound Bingo can be found at the bottom of his webpage.


ESL TerminologyESL Terminology.  Teflese, jargon, terminology, acronyms - the ESL language is a complex one!  Here are a couple of websites that can help you out: gets to grip with the acronyms (what IS the difference between ESL, EFL, ELT, ESP & ESOL?).


Online Research ArticlesOnline Research Articles.  We have complied links to over 50 research and theoretical articles on the web that can be viewed in our ESL Kids Articles Section.  Each article is directly related to teaching ESL to young learners.  We will be adding more and more as we find them - if you know of any good ones please let us know!


Paper CraftPaper Craft. If you enjoy doing paper crafts in your class then this site has some great, free downloadable craft sheets: Canon 3D Papercraft. The kids section includes some great theme crafts such as animals, harbor, restaurant, airport, aquarium, train station and shopping street.  Other categories include toys, biology, natural science, seasons & holidays.


Parent Guided ReadingReading is a great site for teaching kids to learn to read.  It has 15 online interactive books with sound, such as "Zac the Rat" and "My Family".  All the stories come with an educational game and some also have a movie to watch.  As the site explains: "This program was created to meet the needs of the emergent reader by incorporating rhyming games and high-interest books that teach phonemic awareness (sounds in words), phonics, decoding skills, and comprehension. The program is designed to instill confidence and enable the child to proceed as quickly as possible to a balanced reading program".


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