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Weather Games for ESL Kids

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Today's Weather Board

SunnyIn your first weather themed lesson, have your Ss draw one set of weather picture cards for the classroom (rainy, windy, snowy, sunny, hot, warm, cold, etc.). Make sure they also write the word on the cards and color them in. They need to be as attractive as possible. Before the next class laminate the cards as you will need to use them every week. Prepare a small cork board with the words "Today the weather is ..." at the top and attach a plastic folder to the board (at the bottom) to keep the weather cards in. Each lesson, Ss have to take out the cards which best describe the weather and pin them to the board. In addition: the board could also have days of the week cards, months of the year cards, date cards, etc. which the Ss pin to the board each class. It's a really nice classroom reseource.

Weather Concentration

RainyPrint out two sets of weather flashcards per group. Mix them up and lay face-down on the table. Each S can turn over two cards to try and find the same two weather pictures. If the two pictures are different the S turns them back over again. However, if the pictures are the same he/she keeps the cards. The player with the most cards at the end is the winner.


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