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Jobs Games for ESL Kids

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MusicianThis is a great activity for reviewing jobs vocab. Draw enough squares on the board for each S to be able to draw in. Have the Ss write their names above their squares. T calls out a job and the Ss draw it (e.g. doctor, baker, musician, etc.). For each S give a score for his/her picture, and then move on to the next picture. The S with the highest score at the end is the winner.

Jobs Brainstorm

PilotHave Ss in small groups or pairs brainstorm as many jobs as they can in 2 minutes - they need to write down (as a group) on a piece of paper. Then get each group to change papers. Write some questions on the board for the Ss to discuss, including: Which job would you most/least like to do? Which job is the most dangerous / safest? Which job has the highest / lowest salary? Which job in the most exciting / boring? Etc. Finally, collate all of the group answers on the board to find out overall which jobs were chosen for each question.

Jobs Snap

Train DriverPrint out flashcards of different jobs - make sure you print 2 sets per group. Then put into groups and deal out the cards. Ss play snap.


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