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Clothes Games for ESL Kids

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Clothes Fun

ShirtStudents form teams of 3.  Each team has a bag with some clothes in it.  The first team member puts on the clothes.  He/She must say, "This is my shirt", "These are my trousers", "This is my hat" etc., with each item of clothing.  Then when all the clothes are on, they say, " I'm dressed" and start removing the clothes, passing them to the next team member, who repeats the process.  If you have some fancy high-heeled shoes and silly hats this is a really fun game!  Very young beginner students will normally only say, "shirt", "hat" etc. but it's still a worthwhile game for the vocabulary. My students loved it!

Drawing Clothes Fun

HatSplit your class into groups of 6 and give each student a piece of paper to draw on. Assign what each S in the group will draw: S1 will draw a hat, S2 a head, S3 a shirt, S4 pants, S5 shoes and socks, S6 arms and a watch. Don't let each S see what the others in their group are drawing. Also, get them to color in their drawings. Finally, give each group a piece of constuction paper and get them to cut out and gule their creations to the construction paper. They will love what they have created!

Get Dressed!

This is a game that I used with my primary school children who have just started learning English.

1. Split the class into 2 or 3 teams.
2. On the board write teams 1, 2 and 3 plus the names of the team members.
3. Each team needs to designate who they are going to dress.
4. Write items of clothing (between 4 and 6 items) under each group.
5. Tell the children that the first team to dress their person is the winner. Tell them to 'get ready', count down and then empty a bin bag of clothes on the floor.

The kids loved this game. Even the 2 children who wanted to sit out and watch were screeching with laughter. To add a bit more fun, if the team has chosen to dress a boy in their group I add 'dress' or 'skirt' to their list. (Submitted by G Holwill)


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