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  • I just wanted to say thank you! Your site is so good and so 'user-friendly' ... it's a joy to discover all the resources and enjoy the songs. The music is so good ... is it because you are based in the country of the Suzuki method? I fell in love with English thanks to Mary Poppins, so I feel at home at ESL Kidstuff! Thank you ever so much for making my work easier and nicer! All the best to you,and congratulations. Christine
  • I came across eslkidstuff just about a week ago and started to print out the flashcards which I think are really cool. For me it was a way of improving my lessons and of bringing colour to my classes. Petr
  • I am so pleased because your site has absolutely wonderful clip art etc. On your site I have found excellent clip art pictures which I have used with my own primary students at school. Ellen
  • I just wanted to say thankful for placing such a wonderful site on the internet. These worksheets have been very helpful in teaching adults ESL at the literacy level. They are very simple and show the subject in an easy and informative manner. I have got back very good feedback from my students. In addition, the flashcards are perfect! I have looked at other sites that offer printable flashcards. They either have flashcards that are too gaudy or flashcards that focus in only one area. While offer a wide variety of colourful and clearly drawn cards that are highly user-friendly and easily understood. Candace
  • Thanks for having a great and useful web page. Anne
  • I have just discovered your website...and think it's fantastic!! I have already put to use some of the flashcards and games! Thank you very much! Kathy
  • This is a special website! Wenfung
  • I teach students from 8 years old to 50. Your materials are excellent. Thank you very much! I usually prepare worksheets with drawings from Corel Draw. Now I have a new teaching tool. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Delia
  • I'd like to thank you for producing an impressive selection of worksheets and resources. Evette
  • Well done! Just what was needed. Thank you. Carolyn
  • You will be pleased to know that ESL Kidstuff is currently site of the week in the Schools section. BBC Website
  • Excellent resources for teachers of English. Find ideas for games from over 100 activities. There are also over 1,000 printable flashcards in over 60 categories - from animals to transportation and hundreds of worksheets - from the alphabet to spelling. BBC Website
  • I have just discovered this site and it is the best ESL site I have ever seen. I am so excited that I can obtain really good worksheets easily and everything I have seen so far relates really well to children who are learning English as their second language. It's just FANTASTIC. Janine
  • Your site has been of great help to me. I teach English in France and am always looks for good printables to make flashcards etc. Angela
  • Your site is going to help me a lot with homeschooling. Barbara
  • ESL Site with loads of Ideas. I came upon this wonderful site for all kindergarten teachers. It is great for all your students, but it is especially helpful if you have some ESL students. This is a terrific site. Have some fun here. Kindergarten Consultant (
  • I have just discovered your website...and think it's fantastic!! I have already put to use some of the flashcards and games! Thank you very much! Kathy
  • I am really happy I have found your website because I will be teaching a 1st year very low ability class this coming school year and we have no books or tapes and the ones we use in our regular classes are far too difficult so I've been surfing the web to find documents, lessons that I could use in class and I think all your worksheets are great! Chris
  • I just came across your homepage and fell in love with your flashcards. Beate
  • Thank you so much for teaching materials. Wonderful!! Prakhong
  • I am just so thrilled to have found your website. I am tutoring a 10 year old boy - who has tremendous learning difficulties. Your clear, straightforward pictures will be such a help. Margaret
  • What a great site! Chris
  • I think that eslkidstuff is great and so helpful for someone like me teaching French children English - thanks. Yves
  • I just found your site and had to tell you how fabulous it is!!! HockII
  • Your website (which has been my 'bible') has been a blessing to me and for this I'd like to thank you. Josean
  • I have searched the net for a good ESL site, and I have finally found the perfect one. Thank you so much. The materials you provide are fantastic. Jane
  • I would just like to tell you that I think your website is fantastic and brilliantly done. I purchased a membership after looking at it for only a few seconds. Chris
  • The flashcards are irresistible! I was copying the free ones until finally I thought 'Oh for god's sake, just buy them, they are not expensive'! Claire
  • Your site is great and I use it each week for some of my primary grades. Jud
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