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Spelling BeeSpelling Bee. Have all your students stand at the front of the class.  Give Student 1 a word to spell.  The student orally spells the word and the teacher writes it on the board as it is being spelt.  If the spelling is wrong the student is knocked out of the game.  The last student standing is the winner.  This also works well as a team game.

BusStop the Bus. All students need pencil and paper to play this game. The teacher writes a letter on the board, and shouts, "Start the bus." The students then write down as many words beginning with this letter as they can think of. When one student shouts out, "Stop the bus!" everyone has to stop writing. The students all get one point for each word. The student who has the most words wins an extra 2 points. This may or may not be the one who shouted, "Stop the bus."  (Submitted by Katie McArthur)

Letter blocksUnscramble. Write a word on the board that has all its letters mixed up (e.g. "lrocsmaos" = "classroom").  Students have to unscramble the word to win points - the first student to guess the word and put his/her hand up wins a point.  This also works well as a team game.  Variation: use letter blocks / letter shapes instead of writing on the board.

Tic Tac Toe SpellTic Tac Toe Spell. Draw a basic tic tac toe board on the white board with new vocabulary in each block. Each word is missing one, two or three letters depending on students level. One student from each team is called up and must fill in the missing letter(s) and say the word aloud. The team with three in a row wins.  (submitted by Shawn).

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