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ESL Kids Lesson PlansLesson plans about food. We also have some FREE lesson plans about food which include games and activities as well as other lesson materials.

Click here to download our Food Lesson Plans.

Eat dinnerMeal Routines Throw. This activities practices adverbs such as never, rarely, sometimes, usually, often, always. First, get Ss to write down as many food words on the blackboard as they can in 3 minutes (if you have a large class, have the Ss shout out and the T writes the words down). Then make 2 teams. In Team A, S1 throws a screwed up paper ball at the board. Whatever food word it hits the S must make a sentence using the structure "I ___ eat ___ for (breakfast, lunch or dinner), e.g. "I sometimes eat chicken for dinner". If the S successfully hits a word and makes a good sentence he/she wins a point for his team. If the S misses a word or gets the sentence wrong his/her team misses out on a point.

Yuk!Smell & Taste Guess. This one takes a bit of preparation but is well worth it. Buy a variet of fruit and cut each fruit up into small cubes, so it is difficult to tell exactly what it is. Once in class, get the Ss to smell and taste to guess the fruit. Little kids love this. Encourage them to say things like "yummy", "yuk", "I like this one", etc.

ESL Kids SongsSongs about food. We have some songs available for download about food, such as "What Fruit Do You Like?", "I Don't Like Cheese" and "Mr. Farmer's Vegetables".

Click here for our songs page.

BagWhat's In The Bag Game. Kids love this activity.  Take a small cloth bag to class. Have the Ss close their eyes while T puts a plastic fruit object in the bag (such as an orange).  One S then puts his/her hand in the bag to feel the object and try and guess what it is.

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