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TouchTouch. Have Ss run around the classroom touching things that T orders them to do (e.g. "Touch a desk", "Touch the door", "Touch your school bag", etc.).

BookVanishing Classroom Objects Game. This is great fun. Set up the classroom so there are various objects visible, e.g. a book, a school bag, a chair, pens, pencils, an erazer, a stapler, a calculator, etc. - basically whatever vocab you have pre-taught. Give the Ss a minute to look at the room. Then ask everyone to leave the room. T then hides one object (not so easy for bigger objects like a chire, but you could cover with a sheet) and asks the Ss to come back in. They have to say what is missing. It's good to start with some easy things and then get progressively harder. Variation: the S who guesses the missing object first can hide the next object.

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