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Eat dinnerMeal Routines Throw. This activity practices adverbs of frequency such as never, rarely, sometimes, usually, often, always. First, get students to write down as many food words on the board as they can in 3 minutes (if you have a large class, have the students shout out and the teacher writes the words down). Then make 2 teams. In Team A, S1 throws a screwed up paper ball at the board. Whatever food word it hits the student must make a sentence using the structure "I ___ eat ___ for (breakfast, lunch or dinner), e.g. "I sometimes eat chicken for dinner". If the student successfully hits a word and makes a good sentence he/she wins a point for his team. If the student misses a word or gets the sentence wrong his/her team misses out on a point.

Train Ride GameTrain Ride Game. Have students form a train (standing in line holding onto each other).  Choo choo around the classroom and call out instructions (e.g. faster, slower, turn left/right, stop, go).

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