22 Nov 2016

Two full songs to use in your ESL kids lessons

We have added two full songs to our Soundcloud account for you to use in your lessons:

What Time Is It?




What time is it?
What time is it?
Please could you tell me the time?

Verse 1:

It’s one o’clock
It’s two o’clock
It’s three o’clock
It’s four o’clock
It’s five o’clock
It’s six o’clock



Verse 2:

It’s seven o’clock
It’s eight o’clock
It’s nine o’clock
It’s ten o’clock
It’s eleven o’clock
It’s twelve o’clock



Gestures and activities to use with the “What Time Is It?” song

For this song your students are going to be human clocks, using their arms to show the time.  Have everybody stand up with plenty of room to move their arms around without hitting anyone.

  1. For the question words sing along and hold your hands out, palms up, in the question gesture.
  2. For the times, hold your arms straight out in the time position.  So, for 1 o’clock, hold one arm straight up towards 12 and the other arm towards one.  As the song continues, one arm will move around the clock counting off each hour.


Let’s Get Dressed! (Clothes song)


It’s time to go to school
Let’s get dressed!

Put on your shirt, put on your shirt,
Quick, get ready, put on your shirt.

Put on your *pants, put on your *pants,
Quick, get ready, put on your *pants.

Put on your socks, put on your socks,
Quick, get ready, put on your socks.

Put on your jacket, put on your jacket
Quick, get ready, put on your jacket.

Put on your shoes, put on your shoes,
Quick, get ready, put on your shoes.

Put on your hat, put on your hat,
Quick, get ready, put on your hat.

It’s time to go to school,
It’s time to go to school,
Quick, get ready, let’s get dressed!

(* In the British English version of the song the word “pants” is replaced with “trousers”).


Gestures and activities to use with the “Let’s Get Dressed” song

During the song your students will play a wonderful dressing up game – a lot of fun!  Before class you need to collect as many old (adult size) clothes as you can for the following vocab: shirt, pants/trousers, socks, jacket, shoes, hat.  If you can’t get enough, ask parents to bring in some old clothes for the lesson.  The clothes need to be adult size as the students are going to put them over their own clothes – having such big clothes actually makes the activity more fun!

Depending on how many clothes you can find, you can either have everyone dress up at the same time or you can have a few students come up to the front of the class to do the activity.

Pile the clothes in a big heap and start the song.  As the first clothing item is mentioned (shirt) the students have to scramble in the pile of clothes to find a shirt and put it on before the next item of clothing is mentioned. As the song is played the students put on all the clothes until they are fully dressed.  Then finish the game by getting the students to race in taking off their adult-sized clothes – the first to remove them all is the winner!

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