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Teaching English in Chagsha, China


Report submitted on 13 May, 2016 by nana.

Teaching English in Chagsha, China:

How can teachers find teaching jobs in Chagsha, China?
I applied through World Teacher which is a volunteer teaching program. We are trained in the summer and then we teacher with a lower salary.

The main English teaching jobs available are:
Full time English language school positions, part time English language school positions, teaching at state schools, teaching at colleges / universities, private teaching (not through a school, agency, etc.)

What are the minimum teaching requirements?
College degree, western english speaking passport, TEFL.

What teaching requirements would you recommend?
The ones above are all you need. the requirements aren’t so high.

What are the levels of payment?
I make 3,000 rmb per month (approx. US$ 450). I have heard the average for public schools is 6,000 (approx. US$ 899).

How many teaching days a week is normal?
4 days per week.

How many face-to-face teaching hours a week is normal?
20 hours per week.

What is the normal arrangement for holidays?
In a public school 3-4 weeks in the winter vacation, a week in the fall and a week in the spring semesters.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Chagsha, China to teach English?
Its a lower standard of living, have to be ok with living in a “third world country” and also being very flexible since they are very bad at planning the school schedule in advance.

What are the positive aspects of teaching English in Chagsha, China?
Very cheap so you can save money. you can practice speaking mandarin since not many people speak english. Its very convenient everything is nearby and good public transportation.

What are the negative aspects for teaching English in Chagsha, China?
People will stare at you, the winter has bad air pollution and its gloomy.

What are some of the teaching challenges for English teachers teaching the local people in your area?
Big classrooms make lesson planning a challenge. About 60 students per class in a public school.


Living in Chagsha, China:

Are there any visa or other legal requirements to live in China?
Yes you need a residence permit which you get through your school.

What is the cost of living like in China?
A meal is 10-25 rmb (approx. US$ 1.50-3.75) if you eat locally. Bus is 2 rmb (approx. US$ 0.30).

What are the usual accommodation arrangements and how can you find accommodation?
Provided by the school.

Other than teaching, what positive aspects are there for living in Chagsha, China?
Affordable. Practice chinese. Convinience of everything around you. Lots to see and explore.

Other than teaching, what negative aspects are there for living in Chagsha, China?
Chinese people stare, also there are fireworks that go off all the time.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to Chagsha, China?
Specific foods like cheese, pizza, guacamole. you can purchase these things but they are more expensive.

What do you think you will miss most when (or if) you leave China?
My cute students.

What things would you recommend to new teachers in your area to bring with them from their home country?
Specific food like peanut butter and american candy.


About Me and My Work:

My Name: nana

Nationality: American

Students I’ve taught in China: Junior high school (12-15 years)

Where I teachworld teach, Changsha. Teaching here for 1 year.

How I found my current jobs: Through the world teach website

My school facilities: Good – All resources are available, just the quality isn’t very high.

Teacher support at my school: None. 

Do you teach English in China?

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