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Time Games for ESL Kids

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Clock fun

ClockHave all of your Ss make a clock (our crafts page has a great one). With this you can do some simple activities:

1. Follow the teacher: T says a time and moves the clock hands to that time. Ss copy the T.
2. Listen to the teacher: T says a time and Ss have to move the clock arms to that time. Then the teacher reveals his/her clock and the Ss can see if they were correct.
3. Listen to your partner: In pairs Ss say times and move the clock arms to those times.
4. Time questions: T (or in pairs Ss) ask questions. E.g. What time did you eat breakfast this morning? What time do you usually wake up? Ss move the clock arms to the correct times.

What Time Is It Mr. Wolf (variation)

Mr. WolfThis variation is easier to play in a classroom setting. Have Ss stand in a circle around Mr. Wolf (either T or S), who is blind-folded and facing one direction. The Ss ask 'What time is it Mr. Wolf?'. If Mr. Wolf says 'It's 4 o'clock,' then the Ss march in a circle 4 steps. If Mr. Wolf says, 'It's dinner time,' then he or she grabs the S who is in front of them. And that S becomes Mr. Wolf.  As another variation, and to teach Ss times of meals, 6 o'clock could be breakfast, 12 o'clock could be lunch and 7 o'clock could be dinner.  So when Mr. Wolf said, 'It's 12 o'clock,' Mr. Wolf would eat a S.  (Submitted by Wilhelm)


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