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Singular / Plural Games for ESL Kids

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Multiple Objects Find

Plastic fruitPrepare a bag load of objects (plastic fruit, toys, pens, pencils, blocks, plastic animals, etc.). Make sure that most of the objects have more than one (3 cars, 2 plastic apples, 3 yellow blocks and 2 red blocks, etc.). In class, throw all of the objects around the room and ask different students to go and give to you various items using single and plurals. E.g. T: Get me a pen, Get me some pencils, Get me 2 red blocks, Get me a yellow block, etc.)

There is/there are

SchoolTo practice there is/there are.  Give your students a list of questions, and have them go around the school, park in order to answer the questions. Questions could be:

  • How many doors are there in the school?
  • How many teachers are there in the school in this moment?
  • How many plants are there in the hall?
  • How many tables are there in the classroom?, etc.
(Submitted by Claudian Torres)


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