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Numbers & Counting
Games for ESL Kids

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BingoPrepare enough bingo grids for all of your students and numbers on pieces of paper. The winner is the first to either get a line or full house.

Blind Toss

BeanbagsHave Ss sit down in a circle. Place a mat on the floor with numbers and a flashcard (target vocabulary) on each number. Taking turns, each S gets blindfolded and tosses a beanbag so as to hit a number. S/he must call out that word the same number of times as the number indicates. For example: 4-dog, then "Dog, Dog, Dog, Dog! and the S gets the equal points (4). At the end, the S with the most points wins! Good for memorizing vocabulary since they are repeating words. (Submitted by Salvador Domingo).


Buzz 7A counting game. Have the Ss sit in a circle. The Ss pass the ball around while counting (1, 2, 3, etc.). When the number reaches 7 the S must say buzz. Any number with a 7 in it must be buzz (7, 17, 27, 37, etc.) and any multiple of 7 must be buzz (14, 21, 28, 35, etc.).


Line upThis game requires at least 10 kids or more. They stand in a circle or in lines. Gesture to one child and he or she says "1." Then move down the lines or around the circle counting up to 20. After 20 restart at 1. For a higher level, choose kids at random. If they're too slow or get the wrong number, they're out. Makes a great elimination game.  (submitted by Michael J. Lopez).

Number Board Scramble

Scrambled NumbersT writes numbers on the blackboard in a scramble here and there, but low enough that the Ss can reach. Have two teams and call out a number. The person that is able to find and circle it first wins a point for their team. Even more challenging- have four teams all looking for the same number. The kids just love it. (Submitted by Susie).

Number Codes

BoxCut out some squares and write numbers from 0-9 on them.  Put the numbers in a box and then instruct the students to place the numbers in a line as you call them out.  This also works well for phone numbers.

Number Group Game

NumbersPlay some music and have your Ss walk around the classroom.  Stop the music suddenly and call out a number (up to the number of Ss in your class).  The Ss must quickly get together in a group of that number.  Any Ss who didn't make it sit out until the next round.


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