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Name Games for ESL Kids

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Name Game

Sit downGood for a first class.  Sit the Ss in a circle.  Point to yourself and say your name "I'm Jason".  Then Ss say their names around the circle.

Name Memorizing Game

MemorizeHave children sit in a circle. Start by saying "my name is.." and then answer a question about yourself. For example "My name is Jo and I like the color Purple." The next person says "This is Jo and he likes the color purple and my name is Rose and I am 8 years old." The next person says "That is Jo he likes Purple, this is Rose and she is 8 and I am Jeremy and I like the color blue." It's a chain and the kids have to repeat what the last people have said about themselves. It's really hard to be the last person in the circle! (Submitted by Danielle)


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