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Family Games for ESL Kids

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Family Photos

Family PhotoHave all of your Ss bring in photos of family members. This is a great way to personalise their language. Each S can tell the class who their photos are of and give some extra information (E.g. This is my uncle. He lives in Tokyo). As a follow up activity, T or other Ss can ask questions about each family member (e.g. Where does he/she live?, What's his/her favorite food?, What does he/she do? (job), etc.).

Family Photo Tree Craft

Family TreeHave all of your Ss bring in photos of family members - as many members as possible (aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc.). Then on construction paper make a family tree and pin it onto the wall. It doesn't need to be complete in one lesson - each week Ss can bring in more photos and add them to their family trees. Also, each week Ss can add more information about each member. For example, the 1st week tell the Ss their homework is to find out the ages of each member and in the next class they add this info to the fmaily tree. Other things they can add each week is where they live, jobs, hobbies, favorite things, places of birth, etc. Their craft will grow and grow over time and Ss will become very proud of it.


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