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Emotions Games for ESL Kids

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Emotions / Feelings Guess

HappyAfter teaching emotions/feelings (happy, sad, angry, surprised, grumpy, sleepy, etc.) have students play a guessing game.  First the teacher acts out a feeling and Ss try and guess what it is.  The winning S gets to act out the next feeling, and so on.

Lesson Plan for Feelings and Emotions

ESL Kids Lesson PlansWe also have a FREE lesson plan on describing feelings and emotions which includes games and activities as well as other lesson materials.

Click here to download our Ability Lesson Plan.


AngryThis is good for practicing emotions and sounds.  Pick one S to start.  Give that S an emotion or a feeling to act (e.g. "angry"). They must do an action and make a noise ("Grrrr!").  One at a time Ss can add to it and you essentially create a "machine".  This is a really fun game!  (Submitted by N. Budoy)

Song for Feelings and Emotions

ESL Kids SongsWe have a song available for download focusing on describing feelings called "The Feelings Song".

Click here for more details.


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