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Describing Things / Adjectives Games for ESL Kids

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Big / Small / Long / Short

long and short pencilsYou are going to fill a bag with objects. Get 2 of each object, but make sure one is bigger than the other. For example, a big and a small car, big and small plastic apples, long and short pencils, etc. In the class, pull out each and elicit the object and adjective ("It's a big apple"). Throw the objects around the room as you go. Once all the objects are out of the bag (and scattered around the room you can do one of the following: 1. ask each S in turn to retrieves one object ("Freddy, can you give me the long pencil, please"). 2. Shout out each object and let all the Ss race to get it. 3. Play "Touch" ("Everybody, touch the small apple").

Jobs Superlatives

PilotHave Ss in small groups or pairs brainstorm as many jobs as they can in 2 minutes - they need to write down (as a group) on a piece of paper. Then get each group to change papers. Write some questions on the board for the Ss to discuss, including: Which job would you most/least like to do? Which job is the most dangerous / safest? Which job has the highest / lowest salary? Which job in the most exciting / boring? Etc. Finally, collate all of the group answers on the board to find out overall which jobs were chosen for each question.

Lesson Plan for Describing People

ESL Kids Lesson PlansWe also have a FREE lesson plan on using using adjectives to describe people which includes games and activities as well as other lesson materials.

Click here to download our Describing People Lesson Plan.

Picture Fun

MagazinesHave students cut out a picture of a person in a magazine.  Students should describe the person, how old they are, what their job is, what their hobbies are, etc. and then present that person to the class.  This is good for practicing adjectives (e.g. tall/short, fat, thin, slim, long hair, etc).  (Submitted by Kelly).

Smells Game

Smells BadPreparation: Take eight small, empty jars; opaque jars work best (e.g., plastic vitamin containers). Put good-smelling things (e.g., shampoo, syrup) in four of the jars and bad-smelling things (e.g., vinegar, strong dried herbs) in the other four. Only a small amount is needed. Place all the jars in a big paper bag.  Execution: Write "It smells good" and "It smells bad" on the board. You can also draw a happy face and a disgusted face to clarify things. Teach the phrases. Each S then comes up to teacher, one at a time. S is then blindfolded and you hold an open jar under his/her nose. S must say whether it smells good or bad. Great fun!  (Submitted by Max Becker-Pos).

Song for describing people

ESL Kids SongsWe have a song available for download focusing on using descriptive adjectives for people called "Describe Your Friend".

Click here for more details.


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