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I spy

I spyT says "I spy with my little eye something that begins with B".  Ss try to guess the object (e.g. "book").

Label the Classroom

There are three versions of this:

Labels1. For the very young: print and cut out images of classroom objects (the flashcards on this site are great for this), put some tape on the back and give some pictures to each S. Each time teach / elicit each object (door, bookcase, drawers, pen, etc). The Ss then walk around the class stick the pictures on the objects. Once done, say to your Ss "Give me the (door) picture", and the kids go and fetch the correct picture and give to you. You could wait for this last part until the end of the lesson as a fun review.

2. Reading recognition: write labels of various classroom objects before class on post-its and stick them all around the room (on the wrong objects). Ss have to move the labels and stick them to the correct objects.

3. Writing practice: have your Ss write labels for various classroom objects on post-its. Then stick them to the correct objects. At the end of the class as a review, get all the Ss to rearrange the labels and then put back on to the correct objects again.


TouchHave Ss run around the classroom touching things that T orders them to do (e.g. "Touch a desk", "Touch the door", "Touch your school bag", etc.).

Vanishing Classroom Objects Game

BookThis is great fun. Set up the classroom so there are various objects visible, e.g. a book, a school bag, a chair, pens, pencils, an erazer, a stapler, a calculator, etc. - basically whatever vocab you have pre-taught. Give the Ss a minute to look at the room. Then ask everyone to leave the room. T then hides one object (not so easy for bigger objects like a chire, but you could cover with a sheet) and asks the Ss to come back in. They have to say what is missing. It's good to start with some easy things and then get progressively harder. Variation: the S who guesses the missing object first can hide the next object.


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