02 Feb 2016

New alphabet worksheets added! Lower-case and upper-case writing practice.

16 new worksheets on ESL KidStuff.

We have added new worksheets on the “Alphabet Exercises & Quizzes” page for practising writing letters in lower-case and upper-case. For each worksheet a D’Nealian version is also available.

Lower-case and upper-case writing practice worksheets

  • abc word writing
  • def word writing
  • ghi word writing
  • jkl word writing
  • mno word writing
  • pqr word writing
  • stu word writing
  • vwxyz word writing

Head over to our Alphabet Exercises & Quizzes page to download it.


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11 Apr 2013

New Worksheets!

New Worksheets Available on ESL KidStuff!

We have added 19 more worksheets to the site.  This brings the total number of worksheets on ESL KidStuff to 1,102!

The new worksheets are as follows (Click on the links to see the worksheets):

  • Demonstrative Pronouns (This, That, These, Those): Demonstrative Pronouns 1: This & That 1, Demonstrative Pronouns 2: This & That 2, Demonstrative Pronouns 3: Those & These 1, Demonstrative Pronouns 4: Those & These 2, Demonstrative Pronouns 5: This, That, These, Those 1, Demonstrative Pronouns 6: This, That, These, Those 2.
  • Emotions & Feelings: How do you feel what …? 1, How do you feel what …? 2, How do you feel what …? 3.
  • Body & Face: Body Parts Match 2 (To use with the Head, Shoulder’s, Knees & Toes song), Mr. Shapes Head’s Body, Mr. Shape Head 2
  • Days of the Week: Days of the Week Scramble 2 (Monday to Sunday), Days of the Week Order
  • Months of the Year: Months Scramble, Months Order, Fill in the Calendar Months
  • Shapes: Mr. Shapes Head’s Body, Mr. Shape Head 2, Shapes Color Fun
  • Animals: Match up the Animals 2, Farm Animals Matchup

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