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8 Oct 2013

6 Easy Halloween Crafts to use in your lesson

Quick & Easy Crafts for your ESL Halloween Lessons

There is so many fun things you can do in your lessons in the lead up to Halloween.  Here at ESL KidStuff you can find a full Halloween lesson plan, a downloadable Halloween song, lots of Halloween games & activities, Halloween flashcards and worksheets and craft sheets.

Crafts are popular and fun thing to do in your Halloween lessons – kids of all ages love doing them!.  Here are 10 great crafts you can use in your Halloween lessons:


13 Mar 2013

5 Easy Easter Crafts to use in your lessons

Quick & Easy Crafts for your ESL Easter Lessons

There are loads great activities you can do in your lessons in the lead up to Easter.  On ESL KidStuff we have a lot of Easter games & activities, Easter themed flashcards and worksheets.

Crafts are always popular, kids of all ages love doing them, and they can really liven up your kids lesson.  Here are 5 great crafts you can use in your Easter lessons:

Easter Card1. Easter Egg cards. You can easily make these in class with some construction paper, felt and common craft supplies.  Before class, cut out enough card for each student for the actual card.  Also, cut out the green grass for each student and different colored oval shapes for the eggs.  Finally, cut out strips of felt for the ribbons and small circles to stick on the eggs. In class, have your students glue the felt onto the cards. Older kids can write an Easter message inside the card and for smaller kids you can help them write their own message (even get them to trace over a message written lightly in pencil). A nice idea is to have each student give their card to another student (in an envelope if you can stretch your budget far enough!).


26 Nov 2012

Pencil Case Craft Sheet Idea

Create a reusable Pencil Case craft for learning stationery

pencil case craft sheetWe received a great idea from one of our members today – thank you Paula Sifferd!  She has created a great reusable craft with our pencil case craft sheet.

” Just an idea . . . I used the pencil case craft sheets but I did it with a twist.  I printed the pencil case on card stock for the students, and then cut a slit for the opening and we taped snack sized zip locks on the back of the opening.  The students were then able to put the classroom items from the stationery sheet “into” the pencil case. (more…)